Mix Colours Sugared Almonds

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Mix Colours Sugared Almonds

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Mix Color Sugared Almonds. Represent time-honoured wishes : HEALTH,WEALTH,HAPPYNESS,LONG LIFE and FERTILITY 

Delicious comfits produced with the best quality almonds coated in a fine sugared layer.

The comfit Sugared Almonds, already well-known in the Roman Empire as a simple almond coated with honey and served during exclusive marriages and feasts, has nowadays various colours depending on the different ceremonies, happy events or important occasions.

Marriage comfits, as well as those for the Confirmation are white; light blue or pink are those rights for the new baby and green for the engagement.  Different colours have instead those right for the degree, according to the colour of the typical student’s hat (feluche).

 Sugared Almonds.Ingredients: sugar, almond, rice starch, wheat flour, maize starch, maltodextrin, flavours.  Covering: carnauba wax.  Colouring agents: white (E171), pink (E120), blue (E131, E132, E133), green (E131, E102; it can negatively influence on the activity and attention of the children),  yellow (E160a), silver (E174), gold (E174, E100), orange (E160a, ivory (E160a, E155), beige (E155), fuchsia (E120), red (E124: it can negatively influence on the activity and attention of the children.)

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