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Gorgeous blend gives this delight an enchanting fragrance of ORANG. This is a true luxury for your taste buds.

The melt-in-the-mouth, Turkish Delight (“Lokum”). It has a sticky texture and very often Arabic gum is used as a binder. The Turkish Delight dates back to the time of the Ottoman Empire, prepared and served exclusively for the regal palette. But now it has penetrated not only every nook and cranny in Turkey but has also made a name for itself all over the world. 

This authentic Turkish delight is known all over the world for its sweet recipe and good quality. Turkish Delight was first produced in 15th century Turkey as a sweet for the Sultans.

A luxury Turkish delight from the best Turkish delight brand. Great for sharing or for after dinner. The real Turkish delight! 

Intended Use Ready to eat

Suitable for Vegans: yes

Suitable for Vegetarians: yes

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, water, Wheat Starch, citric acid, orange flavouring, colouring, Almonds, Walnut, Pistachio.

Appears to create on over-activity in children 

Allergy Advice: Contains or have a trace of the mentioned ingredients as it's all manufactured within the same building. Nuts, Milk


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